Say “Cheese” : All Ins gets our Professional Photos taken!
  • On : 08 Aug 2023

All Ins recently went to Picture Me @ Suntec City on 26 July 2023 and the shoot was a blast. The make-up artists there were true professionals and with a swipe of their make-up expertise, made us all look like movie stars! Not only that, our hair was also meticulously done up by the staff there. Although some of us were nervous at first due to being camera-shy, after looking at the wonderful job the make-up artists did on our face, we were raring to go!


After waiting for everyone to get ready, it was finally time for our photo-shoot! 


As the camera shutter clicked away, All Ins had a fun time posing and cheering each other on. Our team would suggest different poses to each other, and would help ensure everyone was picture-perfect! We felt that the photos were more than just professional shots, and were a true testament to our shared camaraderie. 


With the shoot wrapped up, we celebrated by going out for dinner nearby at Suntec City — a nice treat to end off the wonderful day!


The photos were given to us the next day and you could feel the excitement off of everyone as we went through the shots individually. They looked straight out of a magazine, and we couldn't believe they were actually us. The professional photos quickly replaced our WhatsApp profile pictures — which you readers would be able to see there!


You can take a look at some of the process below.

Thank you once again for supporting All Ins! We hope to see you here!

Some candid shots from our photo-shoot, and a sample of the professional shots as well!


Thank you for your continuous support!
  • On : 06 Aug 2021


COVID-19 continues to linger and as we move from pandemic to endemic, businesses and consumers alike are adapting to the new normal; reacting to the changes created from the lockdown to heightened alerts and how we eat, work, live and shop.


This phenomenon has left us distanced and impacted our way of life; In All Ins we believe that the service and experience that we provide is of utmost importance to all of our customers, both Internal and external!


Allow us to share ; In the recent 2 years we have reached out to our customers to check in on them and to better understand how we can service them better; this personal touch is our belief as we builds progressive mutual trust, commitment and support.


Even if our customer service and teams are currently under enormous pressure due to working from home arrangements ; our customers YOURSELF are still our top priority. our team took the extra mile, led by our director to bring protection and care to all our consumers from all walks of life ! here are some of their happy faces.